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What is up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, it’s Zulo back again with another Absolver video this time we will be looking at the masks that you get in the quote unquote endgame, or once you have beaten the main campaign, in this gameplay I will be going over the mask locations and how to get them in a small form beginners ish guide walkthrough type thingy. These all work for PC & PS4 so don’t worry about that, as always I hope everyone enjoys the video. Until next time take it easy. Peace!

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➥The Silly Mask can be found here:

➥ The Tier Chiefs Mask & Lost Prospect Mask are here:

➥If you’re wondering, the answer is yes, I will be planning on uploading videos regarding this new “absolver game” from Devolver Digital and Sloclap. Unfortunately I don’t own a PS4 so I will be playing with the PC master race 😀

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35 Replies to “Absolver : EndGame Masks? Where And How To Find Them”

  1. I finally got it I was level 28 when I started it was 12:00 at night and when I finished it was 3:37 a.m. and I'm level 51. It's definitely not beating him 20 times I don't know how much tries it took me I lost count but it was definitely above 47 I know that

  2. Or u can just get the hive bone from the rift keys. My quickest time for killing Jim masca was about 53 seconds. I keep practicing for lower time tho

  3. I know this vid is old but I just got the game but I haven’t finished the story yet and got the bone hive mask the first time I killed him on my second attempt they must’ve nerfed him or something

  4. Thanks! Didn't know the folded eye one was hard to get, but i had no idea the hide mask was rare as well!
    Great tutorial!

  5. The hive mask is a drop for after you beat the game? I just got it off some scrub enemy in like the 3rd area

    Edit: apparently the scrub guy I mentioned was that guy you died to 8 times lmao

    Edit:edit: I'm not saying that to be a dick but seriously the guys easy af.

  6. Took me zero kills to get bone mask, some other beat him just as i was walking up and i got it, even before i beat the game, i also got drunken fist style before game ended, all in all, a fantastic game experience for me haha, i wish we kept the golden mask the other Prospect had, he looked sick

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