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The Ford Fiesta supermini has been the best-selling new car annually in Britain for more than the last five consecutive years. Within the last couple of years the Fiesta has received major updates including a redesigned front grille and the inclusion of the multi-award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine. But can the Fiesta stay ahead of its rivals which include the all-new Corsa and the Volkswagen Polo? Watch our video review to find out.

Can the Fiesta really tackle models like the VW Polo? Watch our video review above to find out, or skip to bits of key information using the links below:

Engine Options and Running Costs (MPG): 1:40
A summary of the interior: 1:02
Boot size: 1:51

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23 Replies to “Ford Fiesta 2015 review – Car Keys”

  1. Great video. I owned a 2002 VW Bora 1.9 TDI for nine and a half years until I part ex'd it in August 2018 for a 2015 3 door Fiesta Zetec Ecoboost 100ps . All I can say is WOW. The power delivery almost matches the Bora…it feels no different pulling off from

    standing start. I've always loved the Fiesta. My wife bought a 63 plate 1.25 Fiesta in March and it has no where near the power

    delivery that the Ecoboost has. MPG has a lot to do with driving style, and I average just under 50mpg according to the dash readout. Also, don't forget that if you have been driving a bigger car like I was, it would have had a bigger fuel tank, whereas, the Fiesta will be smaller. I do not mind to be honest. The car has everything I need, although, my main bugbear is remembering to switch off the STOP/START..This should be off automatically in my eyes and you should switch it on if that is your preference.Having been a former big motorbike rider, it was always a weekly ritual for me to check my tyre pressures…this followed me when I moved back to 4 wheels…My Fiesta has a tyre pressure sensor, so I can have them at my desired setting and have the car remember this. The car will inform me if any of the tyres start to lose pressure…great feature. Love the DAB radio.Fantastic heater which Ford are renowned for. Heated front screen will be a Godsend this winter instead of freezing myself half to death in the diesel I used to drive. One other niggle…the air con..did Ford have to have it come on automatically when you put the blowers on?. Granted, I know that air con can clear the windows quicker, but that should be the option for the driver to switch on. Other than that, this is a car I would highly recommend, and at ZERO road tax, you cannot go wrong. On a funnier note….did Ford try to instill a little nostalgia for the older driver?…When you sit behind the wheel, why does it resemble ROLAND RAT?…Look at a side by side comparison and you oldies like me will know what I mean..Once seen, it cannot be unseen.

  2. Too much electrical stuff in the new one to go wrong.
    The stuck on the dash sat nav/infotainment thing looks hideous.The styling is a step backwards. The engines have been dumbed down.
    I'll keep my previous gen Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125 with the Sony dab radio unit (which btw is very easy to use if you take time ie. about ten minutes to play about with it). Fantastic car and you can buy an after market sat nav with integrated infotainment for very little nowadays.

  3. +carkeys i would defiently buy the ford fiesta thank you car keys and value for money and value is nice and a.ok a.allright
    . 💖

  4. I have one of these cars, 2010 reg 1.25 petrol. Very nice car, been reliable so far. Have the ford fiestas got a good record in reliability ?

  5. Could someone help make sth clear to me – how is it that an (almost) 18,000€ Fiesta is called "affordable" next to a new Fabia or new Ibiza (at the same price here in Croatia)?
    The 1.0 ecoboost (100bhp) is a lot slower than the VAG competition 1.2TSI or 1.0TSI with 110bhp (11,2s | 180kmh vs. ~9,4s | 196kmh). It's mpg is also rubbish compared to those (4,9L/100km vs. 4,4-4,7L/100km with VAG). Mind u that I tried to even out the add-ons and goodies as much as I could… TLDR; Fiesta is A LOT slower than Ibiza or even Fabia, has marginally but noticeably worse (declared) mpg, and still costs THE SAME? Why call it affordable?

  6. Very British review. Informative and bite-size. BTW, the presenter's accent? North England or Irish?  Best regards from the Far East "Johnny-Today"

  7. Ive been looking for a new car, and after testing many affordable hatchbacks, the fiesta was my favorite. Really comfortable seating for the driver and i loved the smoothness of driving it. The dash board is fairly basic looking, but it has quite alot of goodies compared to my old fiesta 2008 model. Im going to get the 100hp eco boost titanium model with few extra luxuries. Only hard thing i have to decide now is the color and im kind of between midnight sky, candy blue or hot mustard..

  8. I have the 2015 SE manual model for my 2nd vehicle and it's a fun car to drive.  My biggest gripe is back window is too low.  I'm only 5'10 and I have the seat at the lowest position and I can only see the cars near me. I wish it was an inch higher so I can better see cars coming in the distance on the highway. I have to duck a bit to get a better view which is annoying.     

  9. If I would buy a luxury sports car I'll buy it because of  stunning head turner looks, Interior quality & comfortability, awesome engine, fully equipped with latest techies and so Fun and at ease to drive and this Low cost subcompact, just got it all. Proud to have it!

  10. Done numerous comparison and researches for several months and Fiesta is just Brilliant. First of its  far more premium looking than other subcompacts. Its interior is very high quality and very classy and very much comfortable not to mention its silent to drive. Its handling is perfect and genuinely fun to drive. Its Fuel efficient, fully equipped with latest technology. 

  11. Fiesta is way better than Honda Fit, City and Civic. Honda fit is painfully uncomfortable front seats for distance travel, Very rough & choppy ride, Wind screen noise is terribly loud & distracting.

  12. Fiesta 2O14 2O15 is the best car on its segment & the most awarded subcompact in history & best selling Car in the UK of all time it won international engine of the year award 3 yrs in a row 2O12-14. got five stars on Euro Ncap Safety Rating, Automotive Excellence Award for Handling & 29 awards more. It excels on handling, fuel efficiency, safety, best looking car among subcompacts, tech & award winning engine. 

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