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Simple secret code to check whether your Samsung phone is Original or Fake. To check if Samsung phone is Fake simply you have to open the Dial pad and type: *#0*#

If you get the test hardware menu to come up on the screen then the device is 100% original and authentic. You can also check the hardware on the phone like Camera, Sensors, Touch, IRIS, Speaker, MIC, etc.

If you want to buy a used phone – you can also use our Samsung IMEI checker to check the device details by IMEI and you can confirm whether the device is original or fake. Use this link to check your IMEI:

If you plan to buy an iPhone – then you can also follow our dedicated guide on how to check if iPhone is Fake or Original

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36 Replies to “How to Check if Samsung Phone is Original or Not – Secret Code to Check if Samsung Phone is Fake”

  1. I have note 5 n dialed *#0*# but didnt do anything but showed me msg indicating: connection problem or wrong mmi code. Does this mean i have bootleg note 5?…. it is a verizon unlocked set with different provider.

  2. Hello can you assist with a technique on how someone can use internet while on flight mode on a galaxy note 10+.

  3. In my Samsung a51, receiver is sounding something else? Plz let me know I bought this phone yesterday n it started hanging

  4. Hello,
    While some of those 'programmes' work some others get stuck and I cannot hit 'back' as the back button has disappeared. I had to switch the power off or press Restart to get out of those. It happened on a number of those 'programmes' not all. Bought my phone online and I subsequently had cause to suspect the company that sold it to me (pretended to be based in the UK but they are in Hong Kong). Does my description above mean that I was sold a fake Samsung A70? Please let me know if these are strong indications that the phone is either faulty or fake, as I have already contacted Action Fraud and Paypal to complain about the company. Thank you

  5. can anyone answer my qst pls…….when i did this technique in my a30s……i clicked touch option nd then i couldnt go back to this menu(the techniques menu)then i restarted my phone.will this effect the performance of my phone?

  6. I bought my Note 10+ from Verizon and this don't work for me but benchmark found 855, Dex works fine, so how this check is authentic?

  7. This is a fairly simple thing to program….. on my A8 I get IMEI info dialing *#06#. As most Samsungs have high quality OLED screens you can expect a fake will not have this. So lesser quality screen with lighter blacks en even washed out or extra lid corners and sides.

  8. Hello, I bought an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 from Amazon. However, the phone had missing pre-installed apps such as the calculator and other pertinent Samsung apps. I called the seller and he stated that this is expected because the phone is unlocked and that every carrier will have different apps. He also mentioned something about bloatware. Should I be concerned? Does this indicate the phone was used? Please help. Thank you.

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