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Jin Air Green Wings vs HLE Game 3 – LCK 2020 Spring Promotion: Losers’ Finals – JAG vs Hanwha Life G3
Game Start: 00:45

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19 Replies to “JAG vs Hanwha Life Game 3 – LCK 2020 Spring Promotion Losers' Finals – Jin Air Green Wings vs HLE G3”

  1. Goodbye to JAG and PapaSmithy from the LCK. Both might be back, don't give up hope.

    Papa – if you want to "pull a Jett" and come back to casting we'll be here for you.

  2. 50:17 the murual respect unreal, i am rly sad to see my favourite team relegated but I hope such a big org like JAG can bounce back and make LCK again

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