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Samsung CHG90 (LC49HG90DMNXZA) review: This behemoth 49inch screen is like two screens in one and has fantastic gaming performance and image quality.

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25 Replies to “Samsung CHG90 (LC49HG90) review – it's 49inches wide!”

  1. For the dual input, can I copy from a program in one computer and paste in a program in the other computer? Thank you.

  2. My friend and i each bought one for our gaming room.☸️☸️>JustU.Faith/Samsung49?哀 We had previously been using T.V.s. these are amazing. Great picture, easy to put together and so many ways to adjust the screen. I don't think we will ever leave the house again. Lol. Delivered on time and exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend these.

  3. Again, if your going to play First Person Shooters or ANY game that isnt a racing sim then you DONT want this ridiculous monitor as it IS Unusable! The 32:9 Ratio is the obvious issue at this size, its just stupid as they claim they are made for gaming but can ONLY be used for racing sims, its IMPOSSIBLE to use this for FPS or any other types of games so you would have to be RICH (you asshole!) to own one of these pointless monitors.

  4. I use a 41inch 4K 16:9 monitor & although I would maybe use a slightly larger monitor I could only use a larger one for Racing games as u just could play FPS games on a larger monitor or at least not online competitive FPS games as its just NOT at all possible to be able to both see & register every enemy on the screen & I have a second 38" monitor which I think is 32:9, its TERRIBLE for gaming! So this 49Inch with the same RIDICULOUS 31:9 profile would be even more unusable for gaming so WHY does this stupid, Unusable thing exist?? The ratio is Disgusting! & u cant even use it for movies! I feel really bad for anyone that bough this for anything other than racing sims & even then…

  5. Hi! noob here. Does anybody knows if this is macbook pro 2019 15" compatible? I mean, can the desktop fill all the screen when I connect it?

  6. 2 years later found a deal with 599€ I'm more than happy to take it with that price. 900€ less than originally.

  7. One thing that I really dislike is the fact that the majority of monitors have only the Free Sync by ADM, and not the G-Sync by NVIDIA too! Why on Earth than just can't put both?! If it's because of the price, I don't care! It drives me crazy because of that I can't buy this monitor. What a stupid decision made by those guys because they are losing the opportunity to reach more customers.

  8. This monitor has with a lot of dead pixels, and Samsung refuses to refund or replace it. Tthey say: 20 dead pixels are acceptable.

  9. Are the display ports 1.4 or 1.3? You say 1.3 but others say 1.4 and there is a pretty noticeable difference.

  10. They've dropped to around 1,100. I got one. I love it. Got rid of four 23" dells. Never looking back.

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