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Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6″ Review




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40 Replies to “Samsung Chromebook 2 – REVIEW”

  1. This is my friend's second chromebook ➡>JustU.Faith/SamsungC-book?典  (after spilling 44 ounces of diet coke on the other one, effectively killing it.) She doesn't want any other kind of notebook. Perfect for her needs.

  2. "I just got one to replace the laptop that was my primary-now this is my primary- and it functions superbly!"

  3. That's the chromebook my whole school gave out to students in 8th to 11th grade and I'm currently using it to type this comment. 🙂

  4. I just bought this tonight on amazon for $166 and I'm so excited! I wanted something that I can use when I travel to just write google docs and watch netlfix and youtube. I was going to get a tablet but it seemed more practical to get a chromebook instead, especially one by samsung and so inexpensive

  5. Great Samsung Chromebook 2 Product Review on This laptop computer is now on sale for $149.99

  6. Your videos are great! Your voice is very pleasant and easy to listen to. So glad I stumbled upon your channel!

  7. Great job. You hit all the fine points that matter to a person like me. I just want the anecdotal output, honestly, cause that's what I'm gonna experience. I really feel explaining the limitations in terms of use was really helpful for me to make up my mind if I can use a chromebook for the stuff I used to use my considerably heavier and more expensive laptop.
    Thanks for posting this. Keep up the great work.

  8. Why are we expecting 1080P on  a $300 chromebook sporting an 11" screen? Even regular laptops including the MacBook Air only comes with 1366×768 resolution in this day an age.  

  9. Nice video. How do feel about the CPU power vs, say, an Acer C720 with Haswell? I'm currently reviewing an Acer CB3 with the N2830 and, like the Lenovo N20p I have, I reach limits regularly. Chromebooks need CPU+memory. N2830+2GB doesn't provide the best experience IMO. Having said that, my N20p is atill my go-to PC (before I use a tablet) since I bought it 10 weeks ago! 

  10. thanks for mentioning the WIFI nobody seems to think this matters in a review!!!!
    has samsung released the AC update yet?

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