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**Timeline Below**
0:00 Introduction & Unboxing
6:22 Monitor Inputs
7:14 Stand Assembly
8:54 Power Adapter Specifications
9:42 My Old Monitor Setup
10:12 New Monitor Overview
11:25 Power On Test
13:42 Full White Screen & Full Black Screen Test
16:54 DisplayPort Cable I’m Using
17:25 Comparing Older Samsung Monitor to the New One
19:32 Comparison of The Better Designed Older Power Adapter
21:45 New Monitor Setup
25:15 Monitor Settings Walkthrough
27:15 Picture Quality Demonstration
28:55 View of 1 of 2 Dead Pixels I’ve Found
30:28 Closing

I’ve been using a curved Samsung monitor for the past 4 years and have loved it however I wanted to upgrade to a 27 inch and decided I’d rather get a higher resolution monitor to justify the upgrade. I also wanted a curved screen and Samsung offers all of this along with a 144hz refresh rate all in an affordable configuration. I’m not necessarily using it as a gaming monitor but it is nice to have the higher refresh rate for future computers. Please enjoy as I struggle with my knowledge of computers and the English language.

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36 Replies to “Samsung CJG5 Series 27-Inch WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor LC27JG50QQNZA Unboxing, Setup, & Overview”

  1. Before anyone gets too overwhelmed by the length of the video I have a timeline in the description so you can find the part you're interested in. Since I recorded this video I have found 1 other dead pixel for a total of 2 but the one can only be seen when I'm standing up and looking down on the monitor and the other one is in the corner so it doesn't really bother me. Although I don't think a monitor at this price point should ship with any defects I'd still take 2 dead pixels over returning it and possibly getting another one that's been damaged in shipping or has display issues worse than this. According to the instructions the display can be angled back using the included stand however it took a lot of force to move (and it doesn't move much) and for as flimsy as the stand and display shell is I wouldn't recommend moving it often. The included stand is a bit wobbly but no worse than my last monitor so I don't think I will replace it with a VESA mount. My current Mac is only capable of 1440p at 60hz but I'm still very happy with the display, my Microsoft Surface supports up to 1440p 100hz which looks great and had no issues but at least this monitor is future-proof for when I get a newer more capable computer.

  2. can someone link me to the mount u guys are all talking about for the wobbling of this monitor? can't seem to find one. thanks

  3. Hey man i am planning to buy this monitor but i saw a video of it on youtube where they said that sure, of course it is a bang for the price but the screen of something has an annoying high pitch noice. Did you hear it too? Any other vad things about it? Is it bad rhat it does not have g sync?

  4. 21:10 im offended you think someone on the internet would get offended by some tiny minute thing

  5. Is the backlight bleeding noticable? Looks very very noticble on camera, is it bad in dark games like resident evil 7?

  6. It's hard to tell in the video, however does this monitor have a matte black screen? or is it more gloss

  7. Thanks for pointing out the stand wobble…went ahead and just got a mount for it since it's on its way. Great review.

  8. Can someone help me.

    I plan on getting the ps5 and have never had a great tv/monitor before.

    Would this 1440p 144ghz monitor be perfect for the ps5?
    I know there are 4k monitors at 60hz aswell but been told to stick with a higher ghz .

    Can anyone think of any reasons for me to not get this for the ps5?


  9. Hi, I am between the Samsung JG50 27" 1440p, and a Lenovo P27H 27" 1440p. I will use it mainly for rendereing and some photoshop. I need the colors to be accurate. 
    Also I want to see 1080p youtube videos sharper and more detailed more than my 23" inch LG TN panel 1080p. Do you recommend this monitor? Are the colors real-accurate?.

  10. did no one else catch the "unboxing of this nice 27 inch curved, and were also gonna take a look at this Samsung monitor today" XD made my morning!

  11. Not sure if you covered this. What is the voltage for this monitor? Will it work overseas (110-240 voltage)?

  12. I got this same 2k monitor and i really like it and haven't had no issues since i've bought it. i actually was wondering if it picks up display port version and 1.4 in the menu i just see display port version 1.2 and im pretty sure my display port cable im using is 1.4 but the connection is coming up as display port 1.2. i was trying to search an see if the display port on the monitor supports display port 1.4 or if its just 1.2.

  13. Is this monitor good for playing fast paced shooters like rainbow six siege or is the ghosting too distracting?

  14. I bought this monitor but I am having trouble connecting it to my 2013 13” MacBook Air. The display is recognized by the computer but does not show up on the monitor. The monitor flickers some times with showing that it is connected then cuts out a second after. Does anyone know how I can fix that?

  15. Hey, im interested in this monitor its perfect for what i need but i cant decide between this and the aoc cq32g1. There both exactly the same in terms of specs.

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